5 things you must absolutely do in Switzerland

5 things you must absolutely do in Switzerland

Switzerland is a central European country bordered by France, Austria, Italy and Germany. It has wonderful landscapes and cities famous throughout the world. These include Geneva, the capital city, Zurich, and Bern with its incredible natural surroundings. In this article, we will give you 5 things to do in the land of the Helvetians if you plan to rent a luxury car with a private chauffeur during your stay. Let’s get started!

Visit Geneva and its surroundings

Geneva, the administrative capital of the country, has undeniable features whether it is its lights, its charming cobbled streets, or its green spaces that are perfect for getting together with friends or family. You will enjoy a excellent stay in this superb city. It is located on the shores of the renowned Lake Geneva. Geneva hosts the headquarters of the United Nations. There are many cafés and friendly shops to be found throughout the city. Geneva is also an ode to culture, offering a wide range of museums, concerts, exhibitions…Geneva is a very beautiful city where you will have a pleasant stay. To discover these wonders in style, let yourself be transported by a private chauffeur with a luxury car or even a limousine!

Getting to the city of Lucerne

Lucerne is an charming Swiss city with many points of interest: a lake, a view of the mountains and its charming old town! Lucerne is located in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, about 45 minutes southwest from Zurich. The spoken language is Swiss-German. Would you like to discover the area? Renting a comfortable private car with a chauffeur will allow you to make the most of your adventures in the city. This is the best way to enjoy your stay without having to micromanage the logistics. Just sit back and enjoy!

Visit the city of Bern

The town is located at the foot of the Alps. Bern is a beautiful small town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historic centre founded in the 12th century.

Even though it is the federal capital of Switzerland, Berne is a tiny city where you can do everything while on foot! The heart of the city has a distinctive charm to it with magnificent facades made of green sandstone. From the railway station, it is possible to take public transport to reach the Gurten mountain. At the top, you overlook the valley of the Jura Alps and you will be amazed by the allure of its scenery. From the funicular, the view of the town is strikingly beautiful. You can cross the path of many hikers, practitioners of other sports such as cycling, paragliding …

If you also want to walk in the mountains and visit this magnificent urban setting, your private chauffeur will drop you off in the city center of Bern and pick you up at a date and time of your choosing. The local drivers will be happy to guide you and tell you many jokes about the city.

Zurich, the financial center par excellence

Zurich has a reputation for being a boring city with many tax exiles. And this is not true! The Swiss financial center is a multicultural city that has all the features of a great city to live in! Its old town is full of charm, you can bathe in the lake, wander around in the mountains and enjoy the diverse local culture. The city has a lot to offer you. Go shopping in Zurich West, or dance the night away in a trendy nightclub. Take advantage of your car rental to live in Zurich for a few days!

With a compact city center, Zurich is easy to visit on foot. From the train station, you can walk up Banhofstrasse with its luxury boutiques and banks to Paradeplatz (headquarters of Credit Suisse). It is true that this is the rich side of Zurich. You can also take the In Gassen lane and walk along Lindenhof.

The Rhine Falls

Are you more into nature? Don’t miss the Rhine Falls with your private chauffeur who will take you to your destination and bring you back at a time of your choosing. It is even possible to organize a trip of several days with a luxury vehicle. A boat takes the visitors on the Rhine to a steep island in the heart of the falls. You can observe this superb natural spectacle on platforms, most of which are built above the bubbling waters. The castles of Wörth and Laufen are also accessible by boat. Canoes can be rented for those with adventurous spirits.